A Roadie for Oscar

Having been a musician’s other half for more than two decades now, it struck me today as I carried out Oscar’s Vox amplifier and mini Stratocaster from his preschool that I never actually did this for Don; and while I always admired and have been, quite frankly, in awe of Don’s musical ability, I have never been his groupie much less his roadie. 

But now that my 42-pound, four-year-old son is a musician–as he will plainly tell you–he is going to need someone to carry his equipment in and out of school every Friday since said equipment weighs nearly as much as he does.

But something tells me I’ll do it–at least until he outweighs his gear–because, well, look how cool he looks on stage, plugged in and all the rest. 


Many thanks to Oscar’s wonderful teachers who not only encouraged him to bring his guitar and amp but darned near insisted!  You’re the best!


2 thoughts on “A Roadie for Oscar

  1. Thank your lucky stars…I carried a double bass on my back while pushing a carriage of 6 little darlings every Thursdays for 5 years!!! What we do for the ones we love… enjoy this time:)

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