The Other Edgar


It was a dark and stormy night . . . well, actually, it was a dark and stormy afternoon; and as we were driving along, Edgar said from his backseat perch, with just the slightest hint of annoyance in his voice, “Why is the other Edgar looking at me?”  I exhaled–not entirely sure I had previously inhaled–then looked furtively from my left to my right.  To whom was he speaking?  About whom was he speaking?  As I fearfully (and completely unreasonably) contemplated the possibility that there was another Edgar in the car–or that Edgar thought there was–he said, “Other Edgar, stop frowning at me!”  It was time for me to speak. 

“Edgar, who are you talking to, sweetie?”

“The other Edgar.”

“Who is the other Edgar?  What’s the other Edgar doing?”

“He’s looking at me and pointing at me.  Tell him to stop, Mommy!”

And just as I was about to reach my threshold of tolerance for all things spooky, I noticed that he was able to see himself in the rearview mirror–something he was not able to do in our previous vehicle. 

Now, The Other Edgar, as he is affectionately known–because, let’s face it, he’s infinitely entertaining–has made his appearance in the house–as recently as last night as we were conducting our evening ablutions. 

I’m not sure how long The Other Edgar will stick around; but despite our discomfiting introduction, I like him a lot!  He’s just as funny as Edgar himself, and he is quite adept at facial contortions and witty repartee.   And though The Other Edgar and Edgar sometimes scrap, they always make up and part laughing–just like good friends do!   Welcome, Other Edgar . . . Stick around as long as you like–just don’t scare me again!


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