Show Us What You’ve Got



Oh, what a morning!  Despite the snow and corresponding worries and complaints, the weather simmered down enough to ensure limited inconvenience and a beautiful violin recital that took every parent’s breath away and inspired more than a few tears.  It began with the students in Oscar’s Pre-Kindergarten class playing “Mississippi Hot Dog,” “Run Pony, Run Pony,” and “Wish I Had a Watermelon” and concluded with students Ms. Lauren has taught for several years playing selections from Brahms, Bizet, and Bach.  Oscar in his tie and sporting a countenance every bit as serious as that of a seasoned violinist with the Boston Symphony Orchestra was as proud of himself as we were of him.  A post-recital reception coupled with an Awful Awful at Newport Creamery filled the belly and made for a very rich afternoon.  Many thanks to Oscar’s wonderful teacher, Ms. Lauren, and to Mike Galib, who worked with Oscar on his practices this week while Don was in California on business.  There is a promise here of great things to come.

Oscar & Ms. Lauren

Oscar & Ms. Lauren


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