Say It Isn’t So


Yup, that’s snow–coming down at a good clip on March 1st!  And with Daylight Saving Time slated to begin in one week and that elusive Spring itself due in about 19 days, this isn’t exactly what I wanted to wake up to this morning.

Oscar put it all in perspective and didn’t sound even remotely like a New Englander when he said, “Oh, look it’s snowing!  Don’t worry, Mom, it will just be a light snow–nothing to worry about.”

Hmmm . . . He may not have sounded like a New Englander, but he definitely sounded like a son who has heard his mother complain about the weather pretty steadily since the temperatures dipped below 50 degrees sometime in October.

I should probably try to do better–or at least not be quite so predictable, kind of like the weather.


I would love to hear your thoughts . . .

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