On Exhibit



When our Parents As Teachers educator asked if Oscar and Edgar would like to exhibit their artwork in a local show designed to highlight the preschool participants’ efforts, we said, “Heck, yes.” 

When I asked the boys if they would like to create their masterpieces with me or with Uncle Len, Oscar said, “Well, Uncle Len is the professional.  So, I think we should choose him.”

Edgar seconded the motion with an exuberant, “Uncle Len!  Uncle Len!  Uncle Len!”

So, as I toiled the day away at work, Uncle Len taught the boys how to use watercolors.  He taped a border around their work as well as their first initials, taught them how to wash the paints, and Oscar and Edgar did the rest–choosing their colors and design. 

And the results are breathtaking.  And they couldn’t be more proud. 

Thanks, Uncle Len.  One day we’ll all be able to say, “We knew them when . . .”


One thought on “On Exhibit

  1. The boys took directions well; they used a hair dryer to dry the pieces, and were amazingly patient, removing the tape slowly, and signing the back.
    The “paintings” can be removed from the glassine envelopes to reduce glare.
    Oscar was [is] skeptical about the “O” being an “O” from whatever direction the painting is hung and maybe unique– as is he– and he could explain or let clever viewers study his work

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