Primping for Dinner


Last month we decided to join our local children’s museum and chose the package that allowed us free admission into  select children’s museums all over the country–a reciprocal arrangement that certainly encourages us to explore other necks of the woods.  Yesterday we made the trek to Easton, Massachusetts, and spent nearly four hours in a converted firehouse that now attracts scores of children and their families daily.  Just moments before we left, the boys discovered the face-painting area and got promptly to work.  They knew, of course, that we would be going to a fancy restaurant that “did not serve macaroni and cheese” for dinner to celebrate Uncle Mike’s birthday.  But I think that made them primp all the more.   When I asked them if they wanted to clean it off before dinner, I knew the answer before I even finished my question.  So, yes, we walked into a fairly upscale dining establishment as such–and it just reminded me of what should be so perfectly whimsical and un-self-conscious about childhood and, perhaps, even occasionally, adulthood.   Here’s to expressing individuality and to encouraging others to do the same!


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