Art Aficionados


When we learned that several of Uncle Len’s watercolors were on display (and one was receiving an Honorable Mention) at the Jamestown Town Hall, we couldn’t stay away.  Oscar and Edgar donned ties (left over from their first Christmases and their Adoption Days when they were clearly much smaller), and we all made a beeline for the opening reception.  Oscar even thought the occasion warranted a belt and his own personal arrangement of his hair.   We arrived and proved quite the distraction among the gathering of sophisticated adults as the boys discovered the elegant fruit tray put out for the event.  Oscar aimed to maintain his gentlemanly image by lightly impaling cantaloupe with toothpicks (though he liked to tease that–despite our admonitions–he was scooping up the pieces with his hands when we weren’t looking); while Edgar made mini-barbells with toothpicks and a grape on each end.   They were both so excited to congratulate their Uncle Len, enter our local arts scene, and to partake of the fruity offerings–with or without the toothpicks.  Congratulations, Len, on the recognition of your beautiful work and for letting us be part of your celebration!


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