Our Boy Is Advanced

I direct your attention to Exhibit A, a list of physical developmental milestones for children between the ages of four and five:

  • Walks up and down stairs unassisted, alternating feet.

  • Turns somersault, unassisted.

  • Climbs ladder and trees.

  • Bounces large ball.

  • Good muscle control, though small muscles are not as fully developed as large muscles.

  • Cuts paper on a line.

  • Prints a few capital letters.

  • Builds a tower of 10 or more blocks.

  • Puts on shoes and socks.

  • Dresses self, except for back openings.

  • Activity level high.

  • Attention span still short, but increasing.

I now direct your attention to Exhibit B . . . Our three-year five-month-old child in full, perfect somersault mode. 


As proud as I am that I have found proof of  Edgar’s athletic prowess, I’m, um, more than a little terrified that if he learns about the third bullet in the above list that I’ll be at the hairdresser’s more than I already am. 

I think we’ll hide our ladder and as many trees as we can and save that milestone for another day–like when he’s thirty!


I would love to hear your thoughts . . .

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