It’s in the Stars

In flipping the page of the calendar this week, I noticed that Monday marked the start of Chinese New Year, and 2009 is the Year of the Ox.  For me, astrology–Chinese and occidental–has been largely entertainment.  Yes, I always thought it intriguing when reviewing the personality profile of a Taurus that I seemed to fit it perfectly; and when visiting our favorite Chinese restaurant, I always gleaned a special satisfaction from reading on my placemat that my Chinese sign, the Monkey, was described as “clever and intelligent.” 

I decided to research all of our Chinese astrological signs–Oscar and I are both Monkeys, Don is an Ox (deemed an honest, dependable, and tireless worker); and Edgar is a Rooster.

A Rooster, you say?

A Rooster is–and I quote–“an impeccably neat perfectionist.”




I suppose it’s possible . . . just not quite yet!


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