A Change in Position


As I begin this post, I must admit that I’m not really sure what I want to write.  All I know is that as we continue to plan to add a third child to our family, I find myself looking at Edgar in a new way.  It’s kind of the way I looked at Oscar right before Edgar came home.  I knew that Oscar was going to go from being our “one and only” to a big brother, the older brother.  And I was cognizant of the fact that he would soon have to share our attention with his younger brother–though he may not have been aware of that fact at a mere 14 months old.  I remember going for extra walks with just Oscar in the clear autumn air, knowing that they would be the last walks with just the two of us–a move I made more for me than for him, I am sure. 

Edgar, though, when our third child does arrive, will go from being the “baby”–in every sense of the word–to the much-maligned middle child (visions of Jan Brady bemoaning her position flash through my mind).  But Edgar has been the baby, the younger brother for nearly three-and-a-half years.  It’s a position he seems to covet and relish.  And I find myself wondering what the arrival of our third child will mean to him.  Oscar will continue to be the big brother, the oldest of the group.  But Edgar will move into a different position.  And I now find myself picking up Edgar more often, carrying him, treating him, I’m going to guess, for the last time like “my baby.”  And, yes, I know my children will always be “my babies.”  But with the arrival of our eagerly anticipated third child–whenever that happens–Edgar will no longer be the baby. 

I know, though, he will handle the transition with his characteristic aplomb–being much more easy-going than most I know.  And for that reason alone, I believe he is going to handle his new position with perfect ease.  Hopefully, I can take a tip from him!


I would love to hear your thoughts . . .

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