Meet the Press

A couple days after Christmas, on a cold and rainy Saturday, our crew made the trek to North Providence to visit The Violin Shop–a small store run by 82-year-old Bob Portukalian, a store that hasn’t changed any more than its charming, infinitely knowledgeable owner in the 50-plus years he’s owned it.

Oscar declared sometime in November that he wanted to start taking violin lessons at school.  The instructor asked us to wait until after the holidays–and the minute Christmas was over, we were on Mr. Portukalian’s doorstep.

What we didn’t know was that behind that doorstep was Joe Kernan, a reporter for “The Warwick Beacon,” there to do a profile on the shop, its owner, and the string business in Rhode Island. 

An article in the 30 December 2008 edition of “The Warwick Beacon” was the result, complete with a photograph of our boy anxious to get his hands on his 1/8 violin. 


If you would like a copy of the paper, let me know–we have many copies thanks to some good friends and our dogged determination on last Saturday night’s scavenger hunt through the city of Warwick. 

I asked Oscar today how his first lesson went.  He said, “It was perfect!”


I would love to hear your thoughts . . .

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