How Now, Guitar-Playing Cow?


As one who is seldom at a loss for words, tonight’s “Yuletide Eve”–courtesy of Oscar’s inimitable preschool–has me speechless.   dsc_6491

As the ox of the Christmas Pageant, Oscar was serious and single-minded.  He knew his role and fulfilled it with dignity and purpose only occasionally slipping in a little subtle air guitar-playing for his fans.  dsc_6652

Later, during the sing-a-long portion of the show, Oscar was given a ukelele (well, actually several as the first two weren’t quite right and were handed off to his teacher for a replacement).  He played along as the other children sang and maintained an expression of determination and focus. 

But perhaps one of the most impressive aspects of tonight’s show was the display of camaraderie, love, and acceptance that exists here.  In this school, students’ differences are not merely tolerated–they are embraced.    If your ox has a propensity for the guitar, it is worked into the show; and if your Magi can sing and dance, he sings and dances.  It is a concept that works because it is right, and it makes us feel as though we have found a second home. 

Oscar’s pride at the conclusion of his show as he greeted his entourage was evident and infectious.  And now, as he sleeps and snuggles the small stuffed brown ox (complete with horns) we gave him as a gift tonight, I have no doubt he is snug and secure in his accomplishment; and we feel at peace that we have found a place that will encourage him to be who he will be and will celebrate all that he is.  As his parents, we couldn’t ask for more.


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