Happy Birthday, Templeton!

img_6622Our dog turned 14 today–which is a pretty significant accomplishment for a beagle (and her caregivers)!  She’s a feisty girl (yes, she’s a girl–her name often throws people off).  And tonight we celebrated with her favorite treat–a juicy, ripened tomato.  Sure, she likes bones and other conventional dog fare, but ever since we moved into our house, we knew tomatoes were her snack of choice.  One warm spring day, our next-door neighbor  hand-delivered Templeton back to us.  It seems our busy (and momentarily unsupervised) pup had dug under our fence and moved into our neighbor’s yard, then made a dash for her tomato garden and proceeded to feast.  We knew we had moved to the right neighborhood when our neighbor found this amusing if not charming.

Templeton is still the willful puppy-faced girl she was all those years ago, but she is slowing down.  Her walks aren’e nearly as long and she really can’t see or hear.  But her nose works, and she still loves to eat.  And we were thrilled that tonight we could celebrate her 14th birthday with Oscar and Edgar presiding.  img_6620

The boys used a microphone and a megaphone to enhance their “Happy Birthday” song, and it meant a lot to know that they are now old enough that their memories of Templeton will be permanent.  And though cleaning up after her is now a full-time job, she’s still our beautiful girl–our first “baby,” if you will.  And it’s great to know that our children (the human ones) have had the opportunity to know her.


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