Sick Days

img_6604One of the unexpected benefits of being home sick when your children are well enough to run around, play, and be their usual exuberant selves is that when you have energy enough to only observe that is precisely what you do.  And though at the weekend’s start it was initially disappointing not to be able to participate in many of Oscar and Edgar’s “reindeer games,” watching them from the sides not only provided me with glimpses of their ever-evolving interactions but offered to them an audience that, I think, enhanced their already burgeoning creativity.  Whether it was creating dueling robots out of Tinker Toys or a medieval universe complete with costumes, the boys played often and well.  And though there were occasionally moments when they forgot their parents were sick, they generally looked to each other for their amusement–playing Lego, doing puzzles, performing magic tricks, and reenacting scenes from “How the Grinch Stole Christmas.”  img_6568And though I would certainly never wish ill health on anyone, if there was the proverbial silver lining in our self-imposed two-day hibernation it was that–out of necessity–we were the spectators to the theater that is childhood play.  And though we’ll be thrilled to be able to soon again engage with the boys, it might not be a bad idea to once in a while step back and just watch.  There is definitely a lot to see.


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