Sous Chefs

I realize that by calling this post “Sous Chefs” I am elevating myself to the rank of “chef.”  And that just makes me (and I’m sure many others) laugh.  When we went to Smith’s Castle on Friday, the tour guide, bedecked in 17th-century garb and standing in a kitchen to match, asked the students, “What does your mother have in her kitchen that I don’t have in mine.”  I replied–quietly enough so as not to appear fresh–“take-out menus?” 

Nonetheless, we have been practicing around here for Thanksgiving–creating prototypes of a Dutch Apple Pie and a Blueberry Pie.  (I capitalize them because I am very proud of them and they deserve to be proper nouns.)  img_6559

It’s been quite eye-opening realizing that the oven can be used for something other than a place to store the cookie sheets.  But it’s also been great involving Oscar and Edgar in the process.  On Friday we decided to make our own graham cracker crust, which meant there were crackers to be smashed.  I called to them: “Get your hammers, boys, and come to the kitchen!”  They ditched “Curious George” faster than I could have predicted, hammers at the ready, and helped to create a pretty darned good crust if I do say so myself. 

While the takeout menus aren’t going anywhere soon, and I can’t imagine we’ll be feasting on homemade pie every week, cooking with children teaches so much–following instructions, witnessing the transformative power of cooking, and, every once in a while, finding a new use for your Bob the Builder hammer.


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