What Art Reveals

img_64671This morning, as I was engaged in one of my most prolific pastimes–laundry–Oscar sat at the table where I was folding. creating his latest masterpiece.  When I asked him what he was drawing today, he said, “I am drawing something for Santa Claus.”  When I inquired further, thinking perhaps I would get a glimpse into what he might be wishing for for Christmas, he said, “This is the earth.  And this is me.  I’m making my arm long enough so I can hug the world.” 

Once again I am humbled by the wisdom of my child. 

And once again I am inspired by the sentiments of a four-year-old. 

As the holidays approach, my wish is that we can all reach beyond our own needs and wants and “hug the world.” 

The world needs it . . . and so do we.


One thought on “What Art Reveals

  1. Your boys are so beautiful, inside and out. They must get that from their Auntie Christina…I guess their parents do a good job raising them, too! Sending hugs to all of you…and the world!

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