History in the Making

img_6393I am a little bleary-eyed today because I stayed up very, very late last night to watch history unfold.  No matter what your politics, there is no denying that what happened in yesterday’s election was a shining example of what is best about our country.  As the mother of two young sons, my hope has been renewed.  Oscar and Edgar will grow up never having known a time when an African-American person could not be president.  Of course, they will study their history and learn the details of all that came before; but the line of demarcation that exists for adults and older children–the time before November 4, 2008, and the time after–will not be part of their reality.  The first president they will remember will be Barack Obama, a man who embodies and lives the values he espouses, the values that we aim to model and instill–personal responsibility, equanimity in the face of adversity, a commitment to learning, compassion for others.  That he will be the leader of our country and a role model to my children gives me a great sense of comfort and relief. 

It is a proud moment in America’s history.  I am grateful to have witnessed it, to have been part of it, and to be raising children during a time when the ideals we stand for as a family and a nation have been realized–at long last.


I would love to hear your thoughts . . .

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