Mr. Vice President?

On this Election Day, it only seemed right to share (and because we only just found out this morning) that Oscar has been nominated for Vice President of his preschool.  The kindergarteners are each running for president and were asked to choose a running mate from the Pre-K population.  Kindergartener “John” chose Oscar to be his vice president; and yesterday the candidates debated well past dismissal time.  dsc09934When I asked Oscar about his platform, he said that he stood for “more dancing at school.”  Now that is a cause we can all get behind! 

When we congratulated Oscar on being nominated and reminded him that whether or not John wins the presidency that we were very, very proud of him, he asked, “Can I have a lollipop then?”

Happy Election Day!  May it be filled with dancing and lollipops!

NOTE:  In this photo, John and Oscar are explaining their views to the student population.  Oscar is still wearing his costume from All Saints’ Day.  A HUGE thank-you to Madeleine for making his costume.  Much, much appreciated.


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