National Adoption Month

November 2008 is National Adoption Month, and we celebrated on November 1st in grand style with the folks who helped our family find one another–our adoption agency.  We are so very fortunate to have an advocate and a friend in our social worker and tip our collective hats to her regularly.  She is compassionate, kind, intelligent, intuitive, and understanding.  She has become as integral a part of our family as anyone else, and we feel completely at ease in her hands. 

The celebration treated adoptive and foster parents to a tasty buffet lunch, books for the children, and table after table of arts and crafts.  img_6336

Oftentimes, people will ask us when we plan to tell the boys that we adopted them.  The truth is, of course, that we will never have to tell them because they will have always known.  Their adoptions are spoken of with love and as a force bigger than any of us. 

Tonight as I was leaving the house to have dinner with friends, I gave Don a hug goodbye.  Oscar, catching glimpse of this, called to Edgar and asked that we have a “family hug.”  That moment encapsulated–literally and figuratively–the love that goes beyond biology, a love that we never take for granted, a love that is celebrated this month as the nation calls attention to the gift that is adoption.


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