An A-maze-ing Afternoon

The weather was in the 70s on this Columbus Day, and being outside was mandatory.  So, when our good friend Christina (affectionately known as “Auntie Christina”) found herself with the day free, we thought we’d make an afternoon of it and take in a local favorite that neither she nor I had ever seen–Escobar’s Highland Farm’s famous corn maze.  Oscar and Edgar were up for it, appearing as though they had been looking forward to it their entire lives! 

We purchased two “big kid” tickets (the woman there said any “adult” who willingly pays money to get lost in a corn maze is a “big kid”), and the boys were free.  I also chose to get a map, a bag of popcorn (in case we literally did get lost), and a bottle of water (I think I really was planning on being there for days).  I gave Christina the map because her sense of direction is infinitely better than mine (and knowing mine, that’s not saying much); but soon Oscar took over, designating himself tour guide and fabulously leading us in the right direction more often than not.  The boys then played in the hay, ran around a bit, and enjoyed some of that popcorn from the comfort of a picnic bench as we waited for our hayride.  We were properly exhausted by the time we hit Newport Creamery for lunch.  After saying goodbye to their beloved auntie, the boys took in an episode of Curious George, in which George was playing in . . . a corn maze.  Of course! 

Thank you, Auntie Christina, for joining us, for not minding at all when you got hay and/or applesauce in your hair, and always being up for an adventure with Oscar and Edgar!

Here is the link to the full slide show.  Thanks for looking!


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