The Great Pumpkins

It’s truly amazing that a simple trip to the garden shop, one that in a time and place before children may have been characterized as a mere “errand,” can elicit such anticipation and be elevated to an “event.” 

After swimming lessons on Saturday, we stopped at the bookstore and picked up some new books on many of the topics Oscar will be studying in school this month (Africa, Ancient Egypt, pirates, and Salem).  But the news of the day, of course, was a trip to pick out pumpkins, gourds, mums, and a corn stalk for our fall decorating. 

Though I thought four pumpkins would be sufficient, Oscar said we needed five–one for each of us and “one for Grandma.”  (Sorry, Grandpa!)  I then asked the boys to select six miniature pumpkins; I think we have nine.  I suggested six gourds.  There are four.  Though I am no Martha Stewart, when it comes to decorating, I have always had a general idea (okay, an exact mental diagram) in mind.  But for some reason, and for perhpas the best reason, I am slowly learning to let go of those preconceptions and letting Oscar and Edgar occasionally make the call.  The five pumpkins, nine mini pumpkins, and four gourds look perfect; and, truth be told, once everything was arranged, I no longer remembered my original vision because this one is so sublime. 


I would love to hear your thoughts . . .

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