Do You Know the Muffin Man?

It has been raining in our lovely New England town for approximately four thousand days straight now.  Well, maybe just three days straight, but it seriously feels as though we’ve been soaked through.  The plan for today–as October looms–was to head out on a quest for mums, corn stalks, and pumpkins.  But since Mother Nature has been relentless in her deluges, Oscar and I decided this morning that if we couldn’t go out picking pumpkins, we would make pumpkin muffins instead.  All the ingredients were here, so while Don and Edgar worked on their beauty sleep, Oscar and I got to work.  He located his favorite spoon from his kitchen set, we gave it a requisite washing, and prepared the batter.  My job was seriously limited to merely measuring out the ingredients and taking care of the oven.  Oscar stirred with his little yellow spoon until the batter was smooth, then scooped spoonfuls into the muffin tin ensuring that each tin was filled evenly.  He even rinsed the dishes while the muffins baked.  And to say they were delicious is as much of an understatement as saying Oscar was proud.  Everyone raved about his baking, and he beamed. 

When I initially asked Oscar this morning if he wanted to make muffins with me, he immediately stopped what he was doing, jumped up and squealed, “YES!”  It was so clear to me that as much as he continuously expresses a need to be independent, he thrives on our being together.  And he is so incredibly eager to try new things, to take on new responsibilities, to show us and himself who he is and what he can do.  Oscar asked me this morning if I thought he had grown in the night.  What he wanted to know was had he gotten taller.  When I told him he had grown, however, I meant something more than just physical.  Every day he grows and matures and shows us who he is becoming.   And, yes, he is of course getting taller; but the growing he is doing–at night and during the day–is taking him places.  And it is an honor to be present for this journey.


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