Playground, Panera, and a Pirate

At 11:44 tomorrow morning we will have no choice but to acknowledge the autumnal equinox.  And though fall in New England is positively stunning, it is not without a little sadness that we say goodbye to being warm.  Don will have to put away our air conditioners and his shorts, I will have to resurrect my fuzzy socks, and the boys will become increasingly complicated to dress.  But today, the last official day of summer, it was warm; and we enjoyed every moment.  We took a stroll to our favorite playground, affectionately known as “the mulch park.”  There the boys’ physical skills showed themselves to be consistently improving, and I exited with my blood pressure and largely blonde hair intact. 

It was then time for lunch at our favorite haunt within walking distance–Panera Bread.  We ate outside, which is always a treat, and we ate a lot. 

Our walk back home was leisurely and included a new visitor to Newport’s historic waterfront–a well-dressed pirate, who didn’t mind hosting a couple of silly boys who couldn’t get enough of him.

Three out of four of us then attempted to nap away much of the afternoon.  However, one of us, who shall remain nameless but happens to be the youngest of our group, decided to spend his naptime singing Rascal Flatts’ “Life Is a Highway.”  And I have to say it was time well spent.  He got pretty good by the end of it all.  We woke up and/or put a bookmark in our singing practice and headed to Applebee’s for dinner, of course, as we said good-bye to Summer 2008. 

The leaves have already started to change color and even fall in some instances.  Oscar and Edgar have already chosen their Halloween costumes and planned their first annual Halloween party.  And I might have turned on the heat in my car one or two mornings last week. Perhaps we’ve all been ready for fall for a while now–all that is except for Don, who still believes we might yet have one or two nights when we need the air conditioner. 

Happy Autumnal Equinox!  It’s going to be okay!


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