Monet and Degas in the Afternoon

They weren’t named after Oscar-Claude Monet and Edgar Degas (or even Oscar Wilde and Edgar Allan Poe); but on Wednesday afternoon, perhaps inspired by the expert artistic tutelage of their Uncle Len, the boys made the executive decision to bring out the paints.  Dollops of blue, yellow, purple, red, green, and brown paint were plopped onto their palettes, and they were off.  Oscar opted to paint a flower–a single blossom, precise and singular on the page.  Edgar made three paintings–the first a whimsical swirl of color, the second a whimsical swirl of color with the addition of some smears made by running his fingers through the paint (and his hair and his mouth), and the third what was once a whimsical swirl of color washed largely away by his pouring the container of water we used for rinsing brushes onto the painting (it’s still drying).  His art became increasingly abstract (and wet) no doubt to confound the critics! 

When you watch your children paint–or color or sculpt with Play-Doh–you wonder where it will all lead.  But this is where it starts.  And no matter where their artistic explorations lead them, at least they have the right names.


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