I really can’t put my finger (or paw) on what it is between Edgar and cats.  From the time he was a baby he was drawn to our fastidious feline Dolores, and she to him.  There are pictures of him just months old rolling around on the floor with her, and she just about as delighted as her cat pride would permit her to reveal.  Make no mistake, Dolores is a beast.  Just last week she caught three mice and decapitated one for our viewing pleasure.  She has been known to perch on the stairs and smack passersby with her always-sharpened claws.  She has escaped more than once and has made mincemeat out of furniture.  Yes, she’s soft.  Yes, she’s beautiful.  But she is a cat and a feisty one at that.  Yet when she and Edgar get together, love is in the air.  He is gentle with her, and she seems to trust him.  He kisses and pets her and is allowed to touch her tail as well as look into her eyes.  He has privileges the rest of us don’t and always has.  Perhaps it’s the Leo in him, perhaps it is his spectacular cat imitations.  But no matter what, Dolores and Edgar are a pair and a very sweet one at that.


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