Making the Grade

Imagine my surprise when I reached into Oscar’s backpack expecting to find the remnants of lunch or perhaps a toy train or The Wall Street Journal and discovered his first piece of school work–graded school work. 

This week they’re working on maps, and today the job at hand was to color the bodies of water–namely, the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans.  Keep in mind, I grade papers for a living.  In fact, I probably graded dozens of them just today.  So, seeing someone else put a grade on my child’s work was a kick! 

We hung up the work on the wall and told him how proud we were.  He said, oh-so-humbly, eyes downcast, “Thanks.”  Later, I asked Don, “Why didn’t he get a check-plus?????”  He logically pointed out how much of the Southeast appears to be under water.   I’ll find out for certain tomorrow, but tonight I want to believe that Oscar, currently asking a million questions about Hurricanes Hanna and Ike, was creating a visual image of the storms.  Great cartographers–like all great artists–are often misunderstood. 

Spoken like a true mother . . .


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