To Swim or Not to Swim?

Oscar and Edgar answered today’s title question each in their own way today–Edgar choosing the former and Oscar surprisingly the latter.  Today the boys started Level I swimming lessons.  Last spring, they completed Aqua Tots, a water acquisition class, and loved it.  In that class, parents accompanied their children in the water, which made quite a sight given Don’s mid-season accident and subesequent ban from the pool and my vehement opposition to bathing suits.  But we persevered, and Oscar and Edgar had fun.  So, we were looking forward to today’s continuation.  In Level I, the teachers take over and the parents watch from the sides.  Edgar hopped right in–first with a nice young woman named Erin, then Mike, pictured here, from whom we figure he probably got swimming and some dating tips, which he’ll file away for later.  Oscar, however, after an initial foot-splashing, sat out the class.  His teacher Jill stayed with him, trying her very best to convince him to get in.  She even attempted to capitalize on one of his favorite subjects, dinosaurs, when she noticed today’s trunks with a T-Rex motif.  Oscar’s reply, which she shared with us later:  “I’m a Tyrannosauraus Rex, and the Tyrannosaurus Rex stayed on land.  So, that’s what I’m going to do.”  So much for that.  At any rate, we let Oscar ride it out.  He knew a treat was in store for him if swimming lessons went well.  So, with five minutes left of class, the chess game began:  “Mommy, Daddy, if I splash my feet in the pool, can I get my treat?”  We agreed, upping the ante for next week.  To get his treat next Saturday, he’ll need to go in the pool with his instructor for at least ten minutes.  He agreed as this progression appealed to his sense of order, logic, and sense.  However, as I write this I realize that if he was able to out-fox his teacher without any time to think, what’s he going to come up with by next Saturday????


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