Natural Energy

Adjusting to a new routine after a striking lack of one for the last ten weeks takes some, well, adjustment.  But the boys and I have found a rhythm this week that seems to be working.  After dinner we have taken our act to the streets–literally–with Oscar in his John Deere tractor and Edgar on his scooter (thanks, Grandma and Grandpa)!  Oscar is mastering the fine art of pedaling and is getting happily proficient while Edgar is learning how to scoot with and without a pile of rocks on board!  Sometimes we attract the attention of our neighbors, other times it’s just us.  But it’s a chance to roll around in the fresh air, add one additional layer of dirt right before the bath, and expend whatever may remain of their energy.  Sometimes it’s smooth sailing (or riding); other times frustration kicks in and a pep talk ensues.  One of our neighbors said the other night, “It’s nice to see them playing out on the street.”  The street is assuredly less quiet when we emerge, and rocks and sticks mysteriously move from one place to another, but people don’t seem to mind.  Their energy is infectious.  And no matter how tired I might be at the end of the day–especially at this early and very busy juncture–their enthusiasm feeds mine, and I realize that as much as I love to sit, standing, moving, pedaling, and scooting may just possibly have their benefits.


I would love to hear your thoughts . . .

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