Party On!

The props included two delicious and–for a brief moment in time–quite beautiful cakes, one adorned with a space motif, the other looking like a scene out of a Jane Goodall documentary.  The cast of characters included friends, neighbors, and family, some of whom we see frequently and others we need to see far more regularly as well as a one-armed grill master who shall remain nameless.  The setting was a breezy, balmy August night in our backyard.  It was a sublime setting as we gathered to celebrate Oscar’s fourth and Edgar’s third birthdays.  The festivities began at 5 PM, and commencing at approximately 10 AM, the question was:  “Mommy, when are our friends coming?”  The boys were excited and seemed to understand the significance of the occasion.  As we decorated the yard, Oscar looked around and said from atop his cushioned perch, “This looks really nice.”  That was motivation enough for me to blow up at least another dozen balloons.  When we hung up the cards today, his comment was, “That’s really cool,” as he laughed and ran off into the kitchen still giddy and feeling the post-party excitement.  Edgar possibly reached the pinnacle of his personal level of messiness as he and his cake (and it would appear Oscar’s, too) became one.   It was an evening to remember and a celebration to look forward to every summer! 








To see the full slide show of the boys’ birthday celebration, please click on the following link:


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