A Broken Bone Can Heal

The story is now near-legendary:  On April 10, 2008, the first balmy day of the season, that day in New England that serves as the harbinger of warmer weather ahead, Don went out for a bike ride.  Two minutes later neighbors were at our gate letting me know that he had fallen.  We learned that a small dog had darted from its house, chased Don on his bicycle, and to avoid hitting the wayward canine, Don maneuvered in such a way that led to a nasty if not memorable spill.  His broken humerus was diagnosed right away; the accompanying shoulder dislocation not so quickly.  Surgery on July 17th led to Don sporting and sleeping in a medieval torture device brace for four weeks followed by a week in the sling.  On Friday, August 22, the sling came off!  And though his physical therapist recommends he still wear it in large crowds or among friends who like to greet with robust handshakes or pats on the shoulder, he is free of it.  He can drive, grill, and, oh, how I’m hoping, possibly change a diaper or two (or three or four).


I would love to hear your thoughts . . .

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