Until We Meet Again

Almost exactly three years ago, before Edgar had even come home to us, I was enjoying a lazy, luxurious summer day with Oscar.  It was early afternoon, and I was putting my near-one-year-old into his carseat for a trip to Providence’s Roger Williams Park Zoo when all of a sudden around the corner came a woman, we’ll call her Mary, pushing a baby carriage which contained the most adorable seven-month-old baby girl.  Mary introduced herself, sensing at least a surface connection as we both appeared to be in charge of babies, and the rest was history. 

Mary and Shannon and their daughter Aly have been an integral part of our lives ever since.  We have shared all the stories, companionship, triumphs, and tragedies–not to mention food–that three years can hold.  And our connection proved to be anything but surface.  Aly was a fixture in Oscar and Edgar’s lives.  They were friends as much as Mary and Shannon were ours.  When Aly appeared at the door, the jumping and squealing that would ensue was enough to change anyone’s mood for the better.  Aly’s sister Erin was born nine weeks ago, and she was just beginning to become aware of her big sister’s and her friends’ shenanigans. 

Today we had to say a very difficult goodbye to our friends, who will be moving to Virginia.  And though we have plans to see them around the holidays and at regular intervals beyond, it’s not the same as having them literally (with our crew) a hop, skip, and a jump away.

The plan is for their return in approximately two years’ time.  We’ll be holding them to that and have said that their journey home begins today. 


I would love to hear your thoughts . . .

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