Edgar Is Three

Today marks Edgar’s third birthday, and he celebrated in classic Edgar style–good food, good company, great toys, and two shirts!  As Oscar was at Science Camp and Don at physical therapy, it was just the two of us roaming around this morning.  Edgar is a huge fan of helium balloons, so we stopped by CVS to pick out the one that most struck his fancy.  It was not the Elmo or even Mickey Mouse balloon that we couldn’t go without but Sponge Bob Square Pants.  He’s never seen the show–as far as I know–but he had to have that balloon.  I’m not really sure what exactly a Sponge Bob is and why it is necessary to add that he wears square pants, but no matter.  Edgar attracted the attention of many and his balloon the envy of every child as we walked along. 

We then came home and watered plants and searched for spider webs in the backyard, and after he watched a little Caillou.  We picked up Oscar, who generously shared some of his homemade Play-Doh with his birthday brother, came home and opened gifts, and then embarked on a two-hour nap!  After naps, we met Grandma and Grandpa at Edgar’s dining establishment of choice–Applebee’s, of course. 

At three years old, barely three feet tall, and only 28 pounds, Edgar may be small in stature but in personality he is a powerhouse.  He is funny, beyond silly, incredibly affectionate, very physical, sensual, and happy.  He has opinions and expresses them more and more decisively every day.  And he is beautiful–his big blue eyes lined with eyelashes so long they cast shadows on his cheeks garner their share of admiring glances, his wild blond hair with its shifting and unpredictable cowlicks a fanciful topping to a stunning countenance.  In three years he has grown from a sweet, very pretty baby to a little boy with gifts galore, and he is someone I cannot wait to continue to learn about and from.  Happy Birthday, Edgar!  I love everything you are!


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