Reasons to Celebrate

The more reasons one has to eat cake–literally–the better.  And today marked two deserving occasions.  This morning at approximately 9:30 AM, the same judge who presided over Edgar’s adoption signed the papers for Mary and Shannon’s daughter and Aly’s sister, the lovely and loved Erin Margaret.  The boys were not able to be at the actual event this morning, but we all convened this evening for a cookout and cake to celebrate.  And today also marked Uncle Raymond’s birthday.  I welcomed my brother to his late-30s and provided him with cupcakes (sit down now) that I baked.  Though Oscar declared that we had all had “too much sugar” today, it was for very good reason!  Congratulations to Mary, Shannon, Aly, and Erin, and Happy Birthday, Raymond!  We were very happy to be part of your celebrations!


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