Inspiration Where You Find It

Today, the second day of Science Camp, Oscar went on a nature walk with his fellow campers to observe the flora and fauna in the vicinity of their preschool.  When they returned, they each made a book–entitled Nature Detective–in which they sketched their findings. As camp dismissed this afternoon, I noticed Oscar paying unusually careful attention to the plants he passed as we walked to the car and to the worms on the sidewalk in front of a friend’s house.  It was an attentiveness that I had not previously noticed–an attentiveness that went beyond curiosity.  When we returned home, he stopped suddenly before hopping up the front steps and looked to his right at the gigantic hosta that line our walkway.  He studied them for a minute and then said, “Mom, the plants in your garden have really beautiful leaves.”  It was obvious to me then that what he had learned in camp had made an impression.  And though I have endeavored, consciously and not, to make lasting impressions on the boys, to inspire careful observation of the world around them, it became apparent to me the immense impact others, and particularly school, will have on Oscar’s and Edgar’s learning.  And though I expected to be slightly sad if not a little envious that this one nature walk seemed to move Oscar so significantly, I was proud to witness this transition and thrilled that he gleaned so much from this single experience. 

Hydrangea in our garden

Hydrangea in our garden

Nature Detective Oscar with his magnifying glass

Nature Detective Oscar with his magnifying glass


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