Science Camp

Oscar shows off today's experiment.

Oscar shows off today's experiment.

When perusing a list of possible summer camps last spring, Oscar made it undeniably clear that he wanted to go and that his one and only choice was Science Camp.  It is run by his new preschool, and it meets this week.  Yesterday we organized his backpack and today we ventured on.  Oscar has been fascinated by science since he was capable of articulating his fascinations.  He asked a guard where the Van de Graaff generator was at the Boston Museum of Science last fall and always has questions for our friend and former science teacher Janet.  Yesterday he explained gravity to me, and this morning as we were driving through the rain, he spoke of ice crystals and electrical charges.  Science Camp was made for Oscar; and from all reports Oscar was made for Science Camp.  As I dropped him off this morning, the paradox of how our son could look all at once like a big boy with big plans and still a very small, very young child reminded me of how we all feel when we encounter or are faced with new situations–often excited, sometimes and understandably a little apprehensive, but usually willing to meet the challenge head on if we are secure in the knowledge that we have made a good choice and are supported by the people who love us.  Oscar made a good choice, he knows he is supported by the people who love him, and, therefore, the world is his.


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