Jazz on a Summer Day

Joined by Mr. Dick Keogh

Brian Blade & the Fellowship Band

There probably isn’t a more spectacular venue to hear great jazz and spend time together on a breezy, warm summer day than Fort Adams in Newport.  Since the boys were babies, we have been taking them along on Don’s annual pilgrimage to the JVC Jazz Festival.  When it was just the two of us, we would park a blanket and a cooler in shady spot and Don would move from stage to stage as I sat and read or knit or dozed.  And I thought that was glorious.  Now, there is very, very little sitting as Oscar and Edgar are on the move–but what movements!  They dance and play and soak in the ambiance as they offer complementary entertainment to the always understanding audience members.  And each ensuing year they sit a little more still for slightly longer periods of time and listen a little more closely to the artistry that surrounds them.    As the music of Brian Blade, Bill Frisell, and Kurt Rosenwinkel subliminally seaps into their consciousness, I hope that the memories of our times together at the Jazz Festival will as well.


I would love to hear your thoughts . . .

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