Milestone Times Two

Today was a day of great accomplishment for Oscar and Edgar.  Oscar signed his own name to his grandfather’s birthday card.  And Edgar, well, let’s just say that the toilet is now being used for something other than a wading pool or a place to throw his toothbrush.  Every day bears witness to progress and growth in young children.  But on days such as this–when the milestones are obvious, signifcant, and truly amazing, there is reason to celebrate.  And as proud as we are today, the boys are equally proud of themselves–as they should be!


3 thoughts on “Milestone Times Two

  1. I know I said I would marry the boys when they each become potty trained. But, this reminds me that they will most likely have to sign our marriage license. So, on this grand day, Oscar is of marrying age. Edgar may have to wait a few more months. Get working on those letters!

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