Obstacle Course

When Oscar and Edgar were babies–and especially once they were able to walk–we made it our pasttime to remove obstacles from their paths lest their newfound mobility, not to mention their budding confidence, be impeded or shaken by a trip over a chair, an ottoman, or our feet.  There were safety concerns, too, of course.  If we could keep our newly designated toddlers from falling, and thus from getting hurt, it seemed a reasonably prudent step to take. 

But now they seem to seek out those obstacles, and I find myself having to step back a bit.  A large branch outside is something to climb over–not around.  An imposing toy that seems to be in the direct path of play–that I would need to move out of the way for myself–seems not to faze them in the least. 

Life is going to present its share of obstacles to be sure.  I want to believe I am doing my sons a service by not assuming that my obstacles are theirs and by not attempting to remove every one of them from their paths.


I would love to hear your thoughts . . .

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