He’s My Brother

This weekend we made our annual trek to Kiddie Kandids to have the boys’ birthday photos taken.  They seemed to have as much fun as the photographer, and the shots she was able to get were priceless.  When she loaded them on the screen for me to view, she placed this photo among several others and created a caption that read, “Because I have a brother, I will always have a friend.” 

After I wiped away the small tear that had no choice but to trickle down my nose, I smiled and thought about their relationship as brothers.  The fact that we formed our family through adoption is not readily or visually apparent to most spectators; however, it is an aspect of our lives that we celebrate and speak about with great pride.  Sometimes well-meaning individuals, upon finding out we adopted Oscar and Edgar, will ask if they are “real brothers.”  The intent of the question is clear: Do Oscar and Edgar share a genetic connection?  They do not.  Are they real brothers?  Without a doubt.  They laugh together, tease each other, fight with one another, play together, protect the other, and are each other’s best friend.  Biology did not make them brothers, but fate surely did.


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