Who’s the Boss?

With just three days shy of a year between Oscar and Edgar, one might think birth order wouldn’t be a significant issue.  Interestingly, in fact, they are often mistaken for twins.  But, alas, it has become abundantly clear in recent weeks who fancies himself the boss just by the nature of his additional 362 days on the planet.   In the yard not too long ago, Edgar was trying to play with a toy that Oscar must have thought was beyond his grasp; so he said–and I quote–“Edgar, you need to listen to me because I’m a big boy and you’re a little boy, and everyone knows that big boys know almost everything.”  He said this without a hint of condescension or superiority–it was simply presented as obvious–a fact with which one could simply not argue.  And this morning, when Edgar wanted to join his older, wiser brother in a rousing round of robot play, Oscar said, “Edgar, I think you deserve to play with the yellow robot.  But I need to explain to you how robots walk before we start.”  Edgar sits rapt as he soaks in the lessons bestowed by his brother, yet there is something in Edgar’s eye–call it a twinkle borne of the fact that he has knowledge he’s currently keeping under wraps–that tells me he has just as much to teach his brother as he does to learn from him.  And though Oscar may be the boss today, for this moment, there will come a day when the roles will reverse and Oscar will learn that having a brother you can simultaneously teach and learn from is and will be one of his life’s greatest gifts.


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