No Dumping Allowed

In an effort to expediently clean the yard recently, I lifted Oscar’s beloved dump truck–brought to him two years ago by his equally beloved Unlce Len–by its steering wheel, resulting in a separation that did not look as though it could be remedied.  Oscar was initially devastated but quickly recovered, understood that it was an accident, and accepted my apology.  He then added that in the future I should probably lift a dump truck from its base “because it’s sturdier there.”  Point taken.  He and I both concluded then that this was probably damage beyond repair.  Uncle Len came by yesterday and graciously surveyed the problem.  He took the dump truck apart, finagled a few things, added some duct tape and put it back together as Oscar and Edgar looked on (and occasionally attempted to assist).  Watching this scene reminded me how often I am quick to dismiss material objects as unfixable.  In our disposable world, it is far too easy to simply say, “Well, it’s broken.  We’ll have to get a new one.”  Len reminded me–and showed my children–that it is time well spent to at least endeavor to repair something.  And though this particular repair may not hold indefinitely, the lesson surely will.


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