That’s Entertainment

As an adult, I do not do well with compliments.  My head knows I should accept them graciously and take them in the spirit in which they are given, but being easily embarrassed and eschewing the calling of any kind of attention to myself, I practice the fine art of deflection.  But compliments directed toward my children?  Bring ’em on!  This week Don had an appointment with his surgeon to check on how he’s progressing (so far, so good); and while we were in the waiting room, we struck up a conversation with a woman who is a first-grade teacher.  She was watching Oscar and Edgar play with Lego in the waiting room.  They were both on the floor, creating spaceships and sets of steps to board said spaceships, and she remarked on how well they were playing, how they were using their imaginations to create their own scenarios.  She added that many of the children she sees don’t seem to have that ability–that they are good at mimicking the dialogue they’ve heard in the movies and recreating scenes they’ve seen on television, but seem incapable of creating their own worlds through play.  Each night before the boys brush their teeth, they play with their train table–doing precisely that–creating complicated situations for the trains, their coal tenders, and the occasional interloper.  They work together and solve (and sometimes create) problems.  And no matter how tired they (or we) are, we give them time and space to do this–even though bed is beckoning.  One of their favorite expressions is, “I’m using my imagination.”  And watching their imaginations in action is better than any television show or movie I’ve seen.


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