That Edgar

This has been a week of significant loss–both personally and professionally.   Our aunt Rosalie passed away on July 22, and on the same day our community lost a beloved colleague who epitomized the words “mentor” and “friend”–two souls in two different places going about their work in different ways–but yielding the same result:  easing the suffering of others.  In the midst of such sadness, it is comforting to know that laughter is still possible, that we are still capable of seeing beauty and innocence.  Edgar seems to know intuitively when and how to inspire a smile.  Once when Oscar was sick, Edgar’s performance–which involved his highly regarded boa and some Tinker Toys–made his previously and justifiably fussy brother sit up, take notice, and applaud.  And this week, Edgar worked his magic once again.  Declaring himself a “kitty,” and no doubt inspired by our own Dolores, he crawled into what can only be called our cat’s “apartment complex,” and channeled his inner feline–or, just perhaps, Rosalie or Tom, who always had beaming smiles and made it their life’s work to bring joy to others.  Oscar will often say, “That Edgar!  He’s such a clown.”  There is a fine line between a clown and an empathic human being who knows how to ease others’ suffering.  And as Edgar seems to be finding his way and discovering his own capacity to heal, I am proud–and have no doubt Rosalie and Tom would be as well. 


One thought on “That Edgar

  1. Thank you so much for your sweet words about Ella’s blog. You have a wonderful way with words. Your love for your boys beautiful. Wishing you well after a hard week.

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