A Tribute to Rosalie

It is a pleasant task to write about pleasant things, but to write about great loss is a task that–while admittedly therapeutic and ultimately valuable–is still about loss.  And therefore it is with a very heavy heart that I write today about the passing of Don’s maternal aunt and Oscar and Edgar’s great-aunt Rosalie.   The boys are young, and their actual memories of this independent, graceful woman will be short; however, her influence on and place in our family will assure that her legacy of caring and generosity will live on.  Rosalie was a woman of elegant beauty; and it has always been my contention that no one can be so beautiful in appearance without a beautiful soul beneath.  And hers was.  Her desire to love surpassed her need to be loved.  Her level of compassion for others was effortless and without thought of reward or recompense.  She had a voice that was maternal and enveloping and a look in her eyes that brought instant comfort.  She loved nature and humanity, her family and friends.  She was easy to be with and put others’ needs before her own.  Her wit was keen, her intellect sharp, and her judgment sound.  A woman of great faith, she accepted others as they were and was fiercely loyal and loving to all.   These photos are from a trip to the beach last summer–July 27, 2007, almost a year to the day.  They remind me to approach each day with energy and enthusiasm, to embrace each new experience, and to move beyond the self.  It’s what Rosalie would have wanted, and it is what we must do to properly honor her and her life.


I would love to hear your thoughts . . .

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