Giddy Up

The impetus for today’s outing was assuredly Edgar and his love of all things equine.  Dream Horse may reign supreme, but after today he has a healthy dose of competition in Buddy, the gentle, intuitive, beautiful horse of a friend and colleague who bought property with a stable a few years ago, and now resides with two horses, two goats, two dogs, two cats, and seven chickens.  The boys fed the chickens–after an enthusiastic chase–then went to the stables and met the larger inhabitants.  Buddy and his roommate Di got a brushing, and then Buddy offered a ride to both Oscar and Edgar, who were held securely by our host’s capable and kind daughter.  Though the family today was experiencing challenges relating to a well that was not functioning properly (or at all), the beauty of their home, the love and care they give to their animals, and the hospitality they extend to others were all evident.  And I am as grateful to them for spending time with us today as I am to Edgar for sharing his adoration of horses and providing us with a memorable day.


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