Up, Up, and Away

If there is a recipe for a perfect summer day, this might be it: Take two silly boys, add firetrucks, ball pits, bouncers, trees to climb, carnival and train rides.  Sprinkle in two friends we don’t see nearly enough, in my opinion.   Add lots of water.  Bake in a 90-degree oven, and serve.  It was hot–and we felt even hotter watching Oscar and Edgar run through yesterday’s balloon festival with all the determination of one on a very serious pursuit–but what a time we had with Kathi and Captain Mike!  Every year the balloon festival attracts many visitors; and this year its main attractions included a rather famous local band, pig races, the Flying Wallendas, and the hot-air balloons–none of which interested our young charges.  Bouncing, running, exploring, and hydrating were the orders of the day, with a break to take a ride on a biplane, a dinosaur, and a motorcycle–not to mention spinning a giant pumpkin with Kathi!   Captain Mike, a pilot and Corvette enthusiast, found lots to do at yesterday’s festival, and it was a joy to see the boys’ faces light up in his presence.  And it was a treat for us to be with two people who have such a love of children and zest for life.  They are an inspiration and remind us of what is important:  being together, focusing on children, and maintaining your cool in the heat and humidity.  Oh, and if you happen to have an unbelievably cool car, so much the better!  Thanks for an amazing day, Kathi and Captain Mike!   


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