Sweet Talk

Oscar is of an age where his ears are open and his mind like a trap.  And because of that and time spent in the company of other precocious toddlers, he has his share of unfortunate words at his disposal.  I asked Oscar one day after a particularly egregious string of them if he thought that that language would be appropriate in preschool.  He said, “No.  I know it’s not.  I’m just trying them out at home.”  Indeed.  On the flip side, some of the things he says bowl you over with their simultaneous simplicity and profundity.  Our good friend Janet stopped by this week, and Oscar stated during her visit, “Janet is beautiful”–within her earshot no less.  Later, when I asked him what it was that he thought made Janet beautiful, thinking he would remark on her infectious smile or piercing intellect, which he greatly admires, he said, “I like her hair, and I love her!”  Well then!  And when he awoke from his nap later that same afternoon, he said, “Mom, when I’m a grownup, do I have to move out of our house?”  I replied, “Will you want to?”  And he said, “No, I think I want to live here with you forever.”  Though we every once in a while cringe when we hear the words every toddler loves to say–mainly because their parents’ reaction is just so entertaining–Oscar’s words and sentiments about Janet and his living arrangements for the next half-dozen decades, I believe, reflect his truer nature and a heart of gold.  And there’s nothing stinky or poopy about that!


2 thoughts on “Sweet Talk

  1. I guess the feeling is mutual between Oscar and I. Edgar also holds a special place in my heart………….even if he doesn’t like my hair!

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