Dream Horse

Many children become attached to an object–usually of the stuffed animal variety.  (There is a brief moment in Oscar’s history when he became attached to AA batteries and wanted to sleep with them.  This is when we had to institute the “no hard objects in the crib” rule).  Our neighbor’s son is permanently attached to a stuffed Lambchop, which is now gray due to never having been permitted a much-needed trip through the washing machine.   My brother had his brown bear Chubby, which was anything but after years of hugging.  And then there’s Edgar and his Dream Horse, brought by Santa two years ago.  He’s pale blue with a feathery mane, tail, and feet.  He’s soft, expressive, well-traveled, and very much loved.  He also has his own language–it’s English, usually, but sometimes lapses into an unfamiliar dialect.  His favorite words?  “Kwa!” “Shee Shai!” and “Mee Mees!”  We do not know what they mean.  We’re not even entirely sure that Dream Horse does.  But Edgar does.  And that is what makes him a great best friend to this beloved blue horse!


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