Jeff & Erik

This spring we embarked on a series of renovations to our 1900 Victorian cottage.  Many cosmetic and structural changes were completed by the able hands of Jeff and Erik, a father-son team whom Don initially hired to do some work in our basement.  One job led to another, and Oscar and Edgar have been able to spend their spring and a good part of their summer watching these two men at work.  And when they go home, the boys take to playing “Jeff and Erik.”  They often squabble as to who will be Jeff and who will be Erik.  And if one has chosen a role, the other invariably wants the same.  But though their play-acting occasionally results in a “misunderstanding,” they often play together and well.  What I marvel at is this glimpse of their budding friendship and potential for cooperation–not to mention their impressive knowledge of tools. 


I would love to hear your thoughts . . .

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