Messy Logic

Edgar experiences this earth–heartily, with both hands and both feet.  He puts his hand in sauce, his head literally in the sand, and his cheek in the cat’s fur.  We have taught him to use utensils–and we’re fairly certain he can.  We have introduced him to a napkin and are convinced he could use it if he chose.  Yet he doesn’t and doesn’t seem to want to.   He seems happiest when he is sticky, covered in sand, muck, or the residue from dinner.  Several days ago he was eating–with his customary gusto–and he began to apply the sauce of his dish to his arms as if he were putting on lotion.  I simply looked at him with all the love of a mother and the confusion of teacher who has endeavored to show him a neater way and asked him, “Why?”  And he said, “Because I like to.”  How can anyone argue with such logic? 


I would love to hear your thoughts . . .

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